Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark/Udenrigsministeriet

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Peace and Stabilisation Response (Freds- og Stabiliseringsberedskabet), FSB, is contributing to peace and stability in hotspots and fragile states around the world. FSB deals with the deployment of Danish personnel and experts undertaking assignments in the field of crisis management, conflict-preventive, civilian peace- keeping including election observations and humanitarian operations and missions, within the framework of EU, UN, OSCE, NATO and other organisations.

Approximately 150 civilian personnel and experts from the MFA/FSB roster are deployed each year through MFA/NIRAS. Another 300 experts are deployed from the stand-by rosters of three Danish based humanitarian aid organisations: Danish Red Cross, Danish Refugee Council and Médecins Sans Frontières. MFA has a standing agreement with The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and The Danish Police, who both have rosters of experts for international deployment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark MFA/FSB roster has been providing experts for international missions since 1994. The MFA has the political and operational responsibility of FSB. Since 2008, the administration of FSB has been outsourced to NIRAS A/S, who is able to identify and contract the right candidate within a very short notice. All practical details related to training and deployments are taken care of by NIRAS A/S.

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